Who am I?

Hi there!

Welcome to the personal website for Matthew Hunt. I am a 2nd-year PhD candidate in the Department of Linguistics at Queen Mary, University of London. On this website you will find details of my academic interests, links to papers (as-yet-unwritten) and presentations I have done, as well as a few tutorials I have written for programs I’ve attempted to use* (i.e. R, MATLAB and Gorilla)


My work

My main interests are the following:

  • Variationist sociolinguistics, with particular focus on language perception
  • Multidimensional semantics, expressives etc
  • Experimental approaches to semantics, pragmatics and sociolinguistics
  • Swearing and taboo language more generally

I’d be interested on collaborating with other researchers on any of the above topics. In particular, if you have a topic you’d like to run an experiment on and are looking for a collaborator with experience designing, and running online experiments, then do get in contact!

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